5 Top Tips to Help You Make the Most of SPRING BREAK™ Experience RARO
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5 Top Tips to Help You Make the Most of SPRING BREAK™ Experience RARO

We are so excited that you’ll be joining us on SPRING BREAK™ Experience RARO!

To help you make the most of your SPRING BREAK Experience RARO experience we have rounded up some top tips to help you unwind and party hard all at the same time, get ready for the time of your life!


Switch Off

As impossible as it seems, put your phone down. The world will keep on turning and we can guarantee that you’ll be surprised about how little actually happens on social media over five days! SPRING BREAK Experience RARO is all about living, like really living, with your eyes not through a screen!

There is decent WiFi at the resort should you need some screen time though!


Find a Feed

Having listened to your SPRING BREAK Experience RARO ancestors they’ve agreed that the restaurants in Raro are pretty darn good. Although there is food on offer for lunch and dinner at the resort the overwhelming opinion is that the food in town is better.

The tropical buffet breakfast is bloody good but heading into town to find a post-morning feed means that you get to meet locals, explore the town and have a different menu to choose from each night!


Chill Out

With so much to see, do and eat we recommend taking an hour or so just for yourself. Take yourself away from the party crowd and enjoy your own little moment in Raro.

Take some time to do some yoga on the beach or just lie back a hammock and do sweet FA…


Hire a Moped

This is a really popular activity and is the perfect way to explore Rarotonga at your own pace. Mopeds cost about $30 a day and you can get all the way around the island in less than an hour. Remember never to drink and drive and check if your travel insurance covers you for driving abroad.

If you don’t feel safe driving, far enough, bikes are also super cheap to hire and a great way to burn off those beer-filled calories!


Put Yourself Out There

SPRING BREAK Experience RARO is the perfect opportunity to let loose and be totally yourself. Everyone comes to Spring Break with the sole aim of having the time of their life, no-one is here to judge. Let go of your inhibitions and rock out in Raro!

Be the first on the dance floor and the last back to bed. Be the life and soul you know you wanna be!


Remember, SPRING BREAK Experience RARO is only five days long! If you know now that you want make it last forever (or just a few days longer) let us know, we’ll deduct the cost of flights from your package and you can stay in Raro long after the party is over!

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