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Best Photo Opportunities for Instagram in Raro

We are buzzing for Spring Break RARO! We’re chuffed that you’re joining us for the best parties this tiny Pacific Island has ever seen!

Deep down we’re all already thinking about how we can get those perfect snaps to fill our Instagram feeds and make our followers all kinds of jealous.

We feel you, so we’ve scrolled and scrolled, to find the perfect Instagram spots in RARO. Saving you time searching, you can scrap the hunt and get to snapping!

Not all of these spots are close to the resort so you’ll have to get exploring if you wanna tick ‘em all off! #DoinItForTheGram!

Here are the seven best photos ops in Raro that got us double tapping!


The Inflatable Party! #FriYAY!


Sunsets, just cus…


Sit up straight for a candid kayak shot!


The Balcony View of the Best Parties Raro Has Ever Seen!


Spring Break Shipwreck Swan Dive….ssssssuperb!

A Rarotongan family vehicle!


Action Shots at the Waterfalls and Lagoons


We know you’ll get some awesome photos of your time with us at Spring Break RARO. Remember that we are flying out a kick ass team of photographers and videographers to capture every moment; so if you do fancy putting the camera down for a minute you won’t miss out on capturing the memories forever!


Don’t forget to tag us and use #SpringBreakRARO for a feature!

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