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We’ve grouped together the most frequently asked questions for SPRING BREAK™ Experience RARO! If your question is not covered below please feel free to touch base with our Customer Service team by emailing team@tourismhq.com

Who runs SPRING BREAK Experience Raro?

SPRING BREAK™ Experience RARO is run by TourismHQ (www.TourismHQ.com). TourismHQ is a New Zealand registered travel company which founded New Zealand’s first Fiji festival getaway with ‘BlueSky FIJI’ in 2012.

Is there an age restriction for SPRING BREAK Experience Raro?

Yes, SPRING BREAK™ Experience RARO is an 18+ experience. No exceptions.

What is included in the packages?

All packages include flights, accommodation, transfers plus our massive line up of entertainment, activities, beach sports and additional unique experiences.

What is not included in the packages?

Packages do not include the likes of your meals, drinks, travel insurance and additional activities.

Monthly Instalment Calculator

To work out a breakdown of your packages monthly costs Click Here.

Do I need a passport?

Yes, please also ensure that there is also at least six months until expiry from the date of your return to New Zealand.

Do I need a visa for Raro?

NZ citizens are automatically issued tourist visas when you arrive in Raro. For more clarification on this and details on other national passports visit here.

Where do we fly from?

Auckland International Airport.

When can I find out about flight times and the itinerary for the event?

Your flight itinerary and tickets will be emailed to your party’s primary contact 2 weeks prior to departure.

Do I need travel insurance?

Most definitely! Travel Insurance can cover a range of unforeseen instances that affect travel, such as medical expenses, trip postponement, trip delay or baggage delay, just to name a few! Head over here to read more about what travel insurance will cover, and who we recommend using for your SPRING BREAK™ Experience.

How do I book?

You can secure your spot with a $50pp deposit @ www.springbreakraro.com, following payment of this deposit you will receive an email with the option to pay upfront or opt into a monthly payment plan.

What payment methods are there?

All payments for security purposes are transacted by credit or debit card.

Can I change the details of those traveling with me?

We provide the ability to change your name, or those travelling with you free of charge up until six weeks out from departure. Past this date each change will incur a $100pp fee.

What currency and payment methods are available in Raro?

All transactions on the island will be in NZ Dollars. While at the resort you can charge your expenses back to your room and pay this amount via card or with NZ cash.

What fee’s should I know about?

Airport Fees: Nil, we have this all covered in your package cost.
Additional Taxes: Nil, we have this all covered in your package cost.
Name change fees: Free of charge until six weeks out from departure, following this changes will incur a $100pp fee.
Card Fees: 2.8% is added on all credit and debit card transactions
Payment Plan Fee: A 10.9% admin fee is added for those opting to pay their balance on a monthly basis.
Cancellation Fees: In order for us to deliver such great deals we are unable to reimburse you. Depending on your circumstances your travel insurance may cover you in such an event.

Is there a fee for checked luggage with the airline?

Our flights for SPRING BREAK™ Experience RARO include standard check-in and carry-on luggage. Please refer to the JetStar website for more information on standard luggage allowances.

Are hotel deposits required?

The resort will tab a refundable damage/security deposit that is collected at check-in and returned if there is no damage to your room. This is done at the time of check-in with a card or if paying in cash a NZD$500 cash bond.

What happens if I am late in paying an instalment?

Failure to make timely payments may result in cancellation of your reservation. We provide a seven day window of lenience for payments to go through.

Can I extend my trip?

Please email team@tourismhq.com and we can advise.

Can I transfer my reservation to someone else?

In most cases, yes, you may transfer your reservation to someone else, free of charge, up until six weeks out from the trip you can do this online by signing into your account.

After this time the cost will be $100pp per change and all name change requests will need to be submitted in writing to team@tourismhq.com.

Travel documents will be made available two weeks out from Departure.

Does SPRING BREAK Experience supply chaperones, can we do our own thing?

TourismHQ views its travelers (all 18+) as responsible adults and just like booking with your local travel agent SPRING BREAK™ Experience RARO is your trip so you’re more than welcome to disappear on your own adventure. The wristbands you’ll be given will provide you access into the resort at any time during our stay.

With that freedom we won’t be chasing you like school teachers, if you go M.I.A… as Mum says “you’re old enough and ugly enough now” – it’s your trip, enjoy!

How do we get from the airport to the resort?

Unless you opt out, we’ve got this all sorted for you just rock up to Auckland airport and be ready for the time of your life!

Can I plug in my electrical equipment?

Raro has the same electrical outlets and power supply as in Australia and New Zealand. If you can get it onto the island you can plug it in.

Where can I find the Terms & Conditions?

You can view our Terms & Conditions here.

If there’s a question not answered above please feel free to touch base with our Customer Service team by emailing team@springbreakguru.com

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