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Payment Options – RARO

We’re stoked you wanna join us on SPRING BREAK™ Experience RARO, you’re gonna love it! Before you can board the plane at Auckland Airport there are a few important thing you should know. Although no one likes to talk about money we thought we’d lay out your SPRING BREAK™ Experience RARO payment options out for you so you know exactly where you stand.

Let’s take a look;


1) The Deposit

Let’s be clear, you have to pay your $50 deposit to secure your place. Regardless of whether you wanna pay upfront or join our SPRING BREAK™ Experience RARO Monthly Payment Plan, you gotta cough up an initial $50 to secure your spot in the exclusive charter resort, at the classic cultural ceremony, at the best parties the Cook Islands have ever seen…you get the gist!

Deposit paid? You’re good to go…nearly! One thing you need to think about is how long you wanna stay in Raro for? If you want to extend your stay in the Cook Islands you can arrange your own flights and transfers and we’ll deduct $600 from your package cost.


2) Up Front Payment


No one wants to be enrolled on the SPRING BREAK™ Experience RARO Monthly Payment Plan if you have the cash ready to go. Should you be in a position to pay the full package fee in one go, great!

Once you’ve paid your deposit we’ll send you an email giving you a rundown of your payment options. Check your junk or spam mailbox if the email doesn’t appear.

If you wanna pay in full you have 7 days to do so from the moment you pay your deposit. When you’re ready get your card in your hand and proceed to payment.

Annoyingly, there’s a 2.8% credit and debit card fee…unavoidable for you and for us…


3) SPRING BREAK Experience RARO Monthly Payment Plan

We appreciate that forking out upwards of a grand in one go is a bit punchy so we’ve created the SPRING BREAK Experience RARO Monthly Payment Plan to make your life as easy as possible in the run up to the big trip.

It’s a super simple process. In short, the closer to the departure date you book the fewer installments you pay. So, if you book yourself onto SPRING BREAK Experience RARO with three months to go before take off you’ll pay the full package amount across three equal payments.

Say, for example, you wanna stay in the Lagoon Front Room with no added extras, that’s $1,999pp. If you book the moment we announce the SPRING BREAK Experience RARO dates your package will be divided by 8 months, so a monthly payment of $250 a month.

The same rules apply for each month that goes by. Six months out equals six payments, two months out is two, larger, payments. Easy, right?


Remember that when you check in at the resort in Raro you must freeze $500 on your card or give over a $500 cash. Panic not, provided you don’t smash anything or wreck the place this will be unfrozen or refunded when you check out.


We are unable to refund any Spring Break Experience should you choose to cancel. Your best bet is to onsell the package and then contact us to arrange a change of name. Please note that this can only be done up to six weeks before departure.


If you need to change the name six weeks (or less) out from Spring Break a $100 charge is applied; all name change requests will need to be submitted in writing to

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