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RARO – What’s Included?

We have amazed ourselves at the value for money offered on SPRING BREAK™ Experience RARO! To be fair, asking us what’s not included would be your best bet! For real!

We know you’re ready for the time of your life on Spring Break RARO. This experience offers you access to a private charter resort and a taste of luxury living in the Cook Islands.

Wanna know what’s included in SPRING BREAK Experience RARO? Let’s take a look;


5-Nights Accommodation

Legit, what kind of package deal would we be offering if we didn’t include accommodation?! Of course accommodation is included!

If you’re coming to SPRING BREAK Experience RARO with your crew, as a group of friends we have a whole host of rooming options for you too. From the Condo Suite the to the Poolside Suite, we have a room to suit you.


Daily Tropical Breakfast

You’re on holiday! You don’t wanna be faffing around cooking yourself a Full English! We lay on a luxurious tropical breakfast every day to keep you fuelled up and ready to roll. Drinks, lunch and dinners are not included in the package, however, so bring extra NZD; yeah Rarotonga uses NZD!

There are tonnes of great restaurants within walking distance of the resort so you can get a solid lunch and dinner feed in too. Check out our Raro Spending Guide for help budgeting. (LINK)


Return Flights to Auckland

Finding affordable flights is one of the most time consuming tasks when planning a trip abroad. We’ve taken the hassle away and included your return flights to Auckland. We’ll send over all the flight details over to you in plenty of time, panic not

All you gotta do is get a lift to the airport!

So, that’s the SPRING BREAK Experience RARO basics covered, now let’s explore the fun stuff! Roll up money can’t buy experiences and the non-stop party!


Non-Stop Entertainment

We pride ourselves on there never being a dull moment during SPRING BREAK Experience RARO. The moment the sun comes up, the time of your life begins! From epic activities like the Needle Walk to Mud Buggies, from outrageously themed parties to Rarotongan cultural shows you’re totally spoiled for choice.


Top Tier Artists Flown In

We can hardly talk about non-stop entertainment and not mention the music! We invite New Zealand and Australia’s best DJs and artists to create the perfect soundtrack.


Exclusive Resort Charter and Transport

Here at SPRING BREAK Experience RARO we can offer you and your friends private access to our party resort as well as exclusively chartered transfers too. You’ll be travelling in style every step of the way!


Video & Photography Team

Forget the selfie stick, we fly out an amazing crew of photographers and videographers who will be capturing all the action and making sure to catch your best angle!


It’s a pretty darn good package deal, even if we do say so ourselves! We’ve made your SPRING BREAK Experience RARO as easy as possible. The next step is to book, pay and pack! Get yourself to Auckland Airport in plenty of time, we won’t wait!

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