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RAROTONGA – 10 Best Things To Do

Small it may be, tiny in fact but there is so much to see, do and explore in Raro. We have narrowed it down to the ten best things to do on Spring Break RARO; all of which can be arranged during your five-day trip!

Let’s take a look;


  1. Captain Tamas Lagoon Cruises

One of the best add on activities available in Raro is the Captain Tamas Lagoon Cruises. It’s pretty damn awesome! Hop on the Lagoon Cruise and tiki tour around the island. Take a look at the fish below from the glass bottomed boat. Jump off the side of the boat and have a quick snorkel before tucking into a super fresh BBQ aboard the boat.

  1. Needle Walk

If you need to get your arse into gear and get tramping after hours of partying then be sure to do the Needle Walk. This is a great free activity and the views over Raro are to die for!

Reasonably rough track so ditch the jandels and get your trainers on for this one.

  1. Te Vara Nui Village Cultural Performance

Whenever you travel to a new place we highly recommend that you get to know the local culture. There’s no need to go on the hunt for the action for we’ll bring the vibrant and exciting culture to you. Expect singing, drums and lots of fire!

  1. Punanga Nui Market

We all love the freebies and the Punanga Nui Market is one of the best! Need to stock up on your tacky but fabulous souvenirs here is the place to go!

Maybe tacky is a bit harsh! There are loads of legit, authentic stuff to buy here if you rummage hard enough!

  1. Club Rehab

We’re all about the party but if you fancy a change of scenery the Club Rehab it where its at. This awesome little beach bar is loved by all who visit. Yes, there is a happy hour!

  1. Rehab Raro’s Pub Crawl

So, Club Rehab is the last stop on the Rehab Raro’s Pub Crawl which is fucking awesome fun; not two ways about it! Your bus ticket is included in your Spring Break RARO deal, just hop on the bus and let the good times roll!

  1. Cocoputs Mini Golf

Cocoputs…get it?! We love a bit of naff holiday fun and Cocoputs is great value! Join with your mates and have a few swings. Each chuck $5 in the kitty and the winner takes it all! Ooh this just got interesting!

This is a little add on, doesn’t break the bank but good memories galore!

  1. Maire Nui Botanical Gardens

If you need a moment of tranquility or want to break up the party photos on Insta with some #naturalwonders then the Maire Nui Botanical Gardens is the place to go. If you’re a lil bit witchy ask the guides about what plants have medicinal value.

  1. Coconut Tours

If all that lazing on the beach gets a little too relaxing then inject a bit of adrenaline into your Spring Break be sure to get on a Coconut Tour!

Quad Bike through the jungle, bounce through rivers and get down and dirty while exploring this super sweet island!

  1. Mud Buggies

Ok, so we said you get down and dirty with the Coconut Tours but if you wanna really get down and dirty the Mud Buggies tours are where it’s at! Get ready for the adventure of your lifetime racing through muddy ponds, sliding through the jungle dodging palm trees and rocky outcrops!

That’s quite the list, right?! So much to pack into five days on Spring Break RARO! This is all on top of the non-stop entertainment and mind-blowing parties!

Share this list of 10 best things to do on Spring Break RARO with your mates and get planning!

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