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RAROTONGA – Top 7 Reasons to Visit

Rarotonga is the largest of the 15 Cook Islands and home to just 10,000 people. We love Raro so much and we know you’ll fall in love with it’s charming nature and welcoming people too.

To help make you even more excited about Spring Break RARO here are our top reasons to visit;


Small But Perfectly Formed

Like we said, Raro is only home to 10,000 people. That’s about the population of Waiheke in summer! This small and close-knit community have been welcoming tourists onto their tropical shores for decades and are genuinely happy to show off their home.

It is the proudness and welcoming nature of Rarotongans that is one sure fire reason to visit.


Outstanding Nature

This island may only be 11km wide but it certainly packs a punch. From rugged coasts to picturesque beaches to the lush green inland there is so much to love about the landscapes of Raro!


Mud Buggies

We love tearing through the jungle on the mud buggies and although we should talk about all the natural wonders there are to explore in Raro, we won’t lie the most fun way to discover them is by mud buggy!



Although travelling the Pacific can be done with a five star price tag you’ll be delighted to hear that Raro is pretty much the same as NZ in terms of value for money. You’re on holiday after all, splash that cash! Don’t go counting the pennies, yes to everything!


Brilliant Beaches

The beaches in Raro really are a sight to behold. Although Spring Break RARO is all about the party be sure to take some time to appreciate the simple things; the sand squishing between your toes, the sea lapping against the shore or the way the palms sway in the breeze…


Party Central

Who’d have thought that this tiny isle would be at the heart of the party action this spring! Yes, we offer Spring Break Experiences in Fiji, New Cal, Samoa and Vanuatu too but Raro has a truly individual party vibe that has to be experienced to be understood!

Who needs Cancun when you could have ALL of the Pacific?!


Instagram Potential

We’re all culprit to doing it for the ‘gram right?! There are so many beautiful photo opportunities here in Raro, seriously #NoFilter needed guys!

We’re all about making memories and having the time of your life though so remember to switch off from the screen, even for a little while.

Check out Raro’s Instagram appeal here! (LINK)


If you need more reasons than this to join us on Spring Break RARO you better get Googling, doesn’t get much better than this!

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