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SPRING BREAK™ Experience RARO – Spending Money Guide

What’s the most important thing after booking yourself onto SPRING BREAK™ Experience RARO? Making sure you have enough money to be the yes-man or wo-man during your five day trip, obvs!

To be fair, part of the reason we chose to run a SPRING BREAK™ Experience  in Raro is because it is so damn affordable.

To help you avoid calling up the bank of Mum & Dad or big bro or even Granny, here is our SPRING BREAK Experience RARO Spending Money Guide


Travel Insurance

Talking of Mum & Dad and the rest of the fam, they’re dead right! We have to insist that you get yourself covered by fully comprehensive travel insurance. We’ll tell you now, you’re not Superman, or SuperWOman shit happens beyond your control and you don’t wanna be left with a hefty bill.

It’s not expensive but could (literally) save your life…


Budget for the Booze…

Obvs, that’s the primary concern! Raro, and the rest of the Cook Islands, use the New Zealand Dollar making life dead easy! No need to convert currency, prices are on par with home; about $9 for a beer and $8-10 for a spirit/mixer.

Spring Break RARO offers awesome drinks deals and happy hours too, boozing won’t break the bank, we promise!

You can buy a bottle in duty-free on your way out to Raro to save you some dosh; just don’t go drinking it on the plane or the private transfer *cough* PARTY CHUMP *cough*


Budget for a Feed

As you know there is a luxurious tropical buffet laid on for you each morning at the SPRING BREAK Experience RARO resort but for the rest of the day you’ll need to source your own food.

Panic not, no need to go all hunter-gatherer! Raro is set up for travellers and there are a tonne of great restaurants just a few minutes walk from the resort.

Being a tiny island there are Fish n Chip shops galore serving up a generous feed for as little as $5. Trader Jacks does a dope burger for $15 too. If you fancy something a little more up-market head to Tamarind House for the best fine dining experience on the island for just $30-40 a head!

You’ll need $30-50 a day for food and no, eating is not cheating, fill ya boots!



Another reason why we love Raro is that there is SO much to do! No dull moments here! To make the most out of your SPRING BREAK Experience RARO experience we highly recommend you book on to some of these activities;



Snorkelling is free, technically speaking! You do however have to put down a $25 refundable deposit.


Moped Hire

Hiring a moped is dead cheap and the best way to get around the island. If you wanna do the Needle Walk, get to the Punanga Nui Market or the Maire Nui Botanical Gardens this is the best way to get about. Mopeds cost about $30 per day to hire



Cocoputs Mini Golf

If you’re looking for a bit of cheap and cheerful (and super competitive fun!) head to Cocoputs Mini Golf with your gang. An 18-hole round costs $10 and is a great way to test your new found friendships!


Captain Tamas Lagoon Cruises

This is a must do SPRING BREAK Experience RARO activity! Hop on the bus in the morning and experience Raro in the most fun and authentic way. Costs $79 and worth every cent.


Needle Walk

This is a great free activity and one to add to your plans when you hire your moped. Remember to wear your trainers, even wild boys and gals will struggle in jandles!


Mud Buggies

If you wanna get down and dirty in Raro be sure to hop on the mud buggies and experience the Raro jungle! A half day tour costs $125 or $150 for two people on one buggy. We recommend joining on a morning tour so you don’t miss out on the SPRING BREAK Experience RARO fun!



THE BEST FUN! Zooming around the bay on a Jet Ski will legit make you feel like you’re a movie stunt artist! A 15-minute solo session is $140 or $180 for both in a tandem.

If you don’t want the fun to end opt for a 30-minute solo sesh costing $180, or $220 for the pair.


It may be an olympic sport but not during Spring Break RARO! Gentle paddle from the shore out to the shallows and have a floating sunbathing session!

Single kayaks cost $15 for 30-minutes or $25 for an hour. Double kayaks are available too for $20 for 30-minutes, $30 for the hour.


Hopefully that gives you a good idea as to how much you should budget. Remember that buying rounds of drinks and dining as a pair or group often ends up cheaper. Sharing a mud buggy or a jet ski doubles the fun and minimises the cost too.


Remember that data roaming charges are an unexpected sting to the budget! Be sure to turn data roaming off when you board the plane in Auckland and then connect to the WiFi when we arrive at the resort.


Don’t forget that you’ll need to be able to give over $500 as a security deposit on your room. This can be in cash or frozen on your card. Provided you don’t trash your room the bond will be refunded at check-out.

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